About Us

- Since 2019 -

Dar Valor is a New York & Atlanta based entertainment company. The name derives from the Portuguese language meaning "Give Value". After being in the photo booth industry so long, experiencing every situation, overcoming every client's concern(s) and handling every challenge that could possibly come up; we have nothing but a deep desire to give our clients the greatest value throughout every area of our services. You deserve quality, elegance and luxury, you deserve efficiency, you deserve a new experience and most of all you deserve the most mind-blowing time of your life.


Who we are

Servicing small and large events is our passion. Since the early start we wanted to enrich your experience, making it meaningful and not just fun and exciting.

Why we are

Stepping in front of one of our photo booths for the first time, nothing else seems to matter but those few minutes of excitement and freedom to express yourself. This is why we specialize in making imperfect moments perfect memories.

Where you are

Are you seeking to set your event apart from the rest? An opportunity to give yourself and your guests the experience you all deserve? We invite you to end your search here and invest in excellence.

How it starts

Let’s begin with the excitement that you have a very special event coming up. Tell us how we can keep you stress free, give you exceptional service and a memorable experience…

Some of the companies that experienced our services