Mirror Booth

Our Mirror X Booth is an absolute beauty and will undoubtable turn heads at your next event. This booth is a magic mirror that manifests photo booth advances demanded by the events market: Incredible WOW factor with a breathtaking 6 feet tall, all-mirror design; pristine quality with tempered glass. With a platform of hundreds of animations, on-glass games and a slew of features, this Mirror X booth will be the center piece of your event. The Mirror X booth speaks for itself, taking industry standards to a new height never experienced before. Have a one up on any other event you have ever attended by booking the Mirror X booth.

Explore New Generation Features

350+ On-Glass Animations

We’ve coupled a crystal-clear mirror reflection with 350+ graphic animations to create an astonishingly beautiful & entertaining experience that is unimaginable for your Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Corporate Event, Holiday Event, Children’s Party and much more.

Photo Retake

We make sure you walk away with a smile. With the Photo Retake option enabled, you have the option to retake a photo in a seamless, time-efficient manner that ensures satisfaction.

Photo Signing & Stamping

This is one of our most favored and exciting features that gives you the ability to personalize your photos. With a customizable signature feature, you are able to draw or sign your name/messages directly on the mirror with a glow neon effect, different stroke sizes & colors which will then be printed out on the final image. Also, stamps can be applied to photos with a selection of over 100 built-in emojis, symbols and virtual props. 

Augmented Reality

Our jaw-dropping augmented reality experience allows for insertion of virtual people, objects or scenery as a live part of your selfie experience and final photo.

Virtual Selfie Partner Examples:

  • Celebrities, The Bride & Groom, Cartoon Characters…

Virtual Object Examples:

  • Entertaining Signs (eg. “I’m here for cake”)…

Photo Filters

Take a moment to enhance or add a touch of excitement to your photos with various artistic effects and filters before printing and sharing them. This includes Black & White, Sepia, Extra Sharp, Pencil Sketch and more.

Photo Overlay Swiping

Have an amazingly fun time choosing a preferred overlay for your photos before sharing and printing.

Green Screen Features

Using a simple green screen backdrop lets you position yourselves anywhere in the world. With this feature, you can swipe through the custom bundle of backgrounds set for your event and select your desired background.

On-Glass Photo Gallery

This incredible feature displays a beautiful layout of all photos captured throughout the event and allows you to easily select any photo for reprinting. This comes in handy when printed photos get lost or an insufficient amount of print copies are selected by a group of people.

GIF & Video Saving From Photos

Turn the photo-taking experience into more than just your typical photo shots as this feature enables the software to transform your captured photos into a GIF or a video file that can be shared online.

Video Recording

With the ability to create video and audio recordings, you can record a message during your event capturing your truest expressions.

Animated GIF Recording (Boomerang)

The Animated GIF recording option displays a live-view of yourself to capture a quick video that is automatically transformed into a looping, GIF animation with a classic or ‘Boomerang’ style; which can then be shared online.

Instant Printing (4x6 or Photo Strips)

Our engaging photo booths can ask you how many copies it should print (if any). The pictures are automatically transferred for an immediate print as either a 4×6 or photo strips.

Sharing via MMS

With this feature, you are able to send selfies, GIFs, and videos taken by our booths as an SMS/MMS via text message directly to your phone.

Sharing via Email

You also have the ability to share multiple photographs, animated GIF files and full videos (with audio) directly to your inbox via email.

On-Glass Gaming

We’ve combined touch-based games on a mirror with a multiplayer capability and a selfie photo as part of the process and you will get a mind-blowing experience. This feature offers four interactive games such as ‘3 Shells and a Pea’, ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’, ‘Pong’, and ‘Connect’.

And Much More...

With so many new things to come, you’re not just experiencing a bunch of features but the next generation of excitement and entertainment. Don’t be short changed. Allow yourself to create the memories that will last forever.