Servicing All Occasions


After all the planning and preparation you’ve done for one of the most important days of your life, why get this far to fall slightly short of perfections. Let one of our luxurious photo booths be the icing on the cake you need.


A gala by definition is an elegant social occasion with special entertainment and performances. Like the outfits of guests attending a gala, our photo booths are statement pieces that will not only turn heads but draw you closer to them for an unforgettable experience. 


Year after year your organization strives for excellence and growth. Celebrate your successes at your next event with our photo booth that will keep your team of employees engaged and excited about events to come.


This special day couldn’t be more important as your son or daughter steps into a new chapter. Let this evening be memorable beyond measure by gifting your child a photo booth all they’re friends and family will bring up for years.


This age only comes once in a person’s life where they’re celebrated by friends and family. Adding one of our photo booths to the occasion will give the birthday girl, boy, woman or man the chance to feel like an ecstatic child no matter the age.


We understand that some are fortunate and some are less fortunate. We’ve also heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s discuss how we can contribute to your next event and all those words to speak to the hearts of those in need.

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Not everyone dances but everyone has a smile to express. No matter the event, our photo booths will always keep our guests engaged and capture moments they’d wish to relive.

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